Spectroscopy of Nano materials

The theoretical curves which contains the values are attenuated total number of reflections−infrared spectra within the range of 4800−700 cm 1 range of nine carboxylic acids and their sodium salts in solutions are obtained and analyzed in the measures of organic properties. Overall, 22 species are studied under the theoretical curves. Six IR titrations are made upon five different acids:  acetic acid, malic acid, betaine, glycine, and N, amino diabetic acid (BOPA). From the spectra of these titrations it contains the spectra of four sorts of water are subtracted, giving spectra with flat baselines with none any artificial adjustment. Factor analysis are also made from the water-subtracted and spectra yield functions in the spectra contains the principal species, and their abundances plays crucial role in inorganic chemistry.

•    Organic chemistry
•    Raman spectroscopy for nanomaterials
•    Inorganic chemistry
•    Analytical chemistry
•    Bio-organic and bio-inorganic chemistry