Advancing cellulose-based nanotechnology

Nanotechnology has applications crosswise over the most financial divisions and permits the advancement of new empowering science with world-wide business potential. Cellulose and lignocellulose must have the incredible potential as nanomaterials in the grounds and that they are abundant, renewable, have a nanofibrillar structure and also made on the multifunctional and self-gather into well-characterized models. To misuse their potential the ventures must be made in the science and building that will completely decide the properties and qualities of the cellulose and lignocellulose at the nanoscale, build up the advances to control self-get together and multifunctionality and build up these new advances to the point where industry can delivers a progressed and maintains the  cost-focused cellulose and lignocellulose based on the items. Since a significant number of the discoveries which can process the nanostructures and procedures, they are not yet completed due to the quantifiable, replicable, or comprehended and also it will takes a generous speculations.

•    Bacterial nanocellulose
•    Cellulose Nano-Structures
•    cellulose nanowhiskers
•    Nanocellulose-based nanocomposites

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