Forensic nanotechnology

Nano-forensics is expressing the entire novel part in the forensic science accompanied with the enlargement of nanosensors, nanotechnical methods and also for real-time crime scene and makes the investigation and terrorist activity inquiries and also detects the presence of explosive gases, biological mediators and filtrates. Forensic Science which contains an expansive field with all the subspecialties in which the use of different techniques amended from the natural sciences to acquire the criminal or further legitimate of evidence. Nanotechnology is in the beginning process and the purpose have an influence on the holding of evidence at crime scenes, its examination mentions in the laboratory and also finds its presentation are in the court of law. Application of nanotechnology might contains all the augment and the capability of toxic materials in the forensic evidence of tissue, materials and soil. 

•    Nanobiomechnanical systems
•    Fingerprint visualization in Forensic Nanotechnology
•    Nanotechnology in Forensic geosciences
•    Toxicological analysis in Forensic Nanotechnology
•    Gunshot residue analysis using Nanotechnology