Nano Weapons

Nano weapon is used in military technology currently under development which seeks to exploit the power of nanotechnology in the modern battlefield. Nanoparticles utilized in different military materials can be potentially hazard into the nature of the soldiers that are wearing the material. As the uniform wearing down and it is likely normal for nanomaterial to separate and enter into the soldiers bodies. Soldiers who are having nanoparticles entering the soldiers bodies would be very unhealthy and will create seriously harm to them. There is a lot of information on the actual damage to the soldiers would be, but there have been studies on the effect of nanoparticles entering a fish through its skin. The studies showed that the different soldiers suffered from different degrees of brain damage. This brain damage will create serious negative effect: the studies also says that the results cannot be taken as an accurate example of what would happen to soldiers if nanoparticles are entered into their bodies.

•    Aerospace application
•    Military Research
•    Soldier Battle suit
•    Communication