With recent advances in nanotechnology, graphene nanomaterials are being translated to applications in the fields of bio sensing, medicine, and diagnostics, with unprecedented power.Since graphene is just a single layer of carbon atoms connected in a hexagonal pattern, it is also extremely thin and lightweight and an attractive material for nanotechnology applications.

The properties of graphene are very unusual which makes it a more exciting material in the field of material science: 

•    Chemically inert.
•    It is a superconductor of electricity.
•    Up to 20% of its length can be stretched.
•    It can endlessly bend without breaking.
•    Nontoxic.
•    Compared to steel, it is 200 times stronger and 6 times lighter.

So, Future graphene-based technologies have a tonne of potential, including flexible solar cells for energy production and flexible screens for smartphones. Due to its exceptional aqueous process ability and other useful surface properties.

Market AnalysisThe global graphene market is projected to grow from $337.0 million in 2022 to $2,172.2 million by 2029, at a CAGR of 30.5% in the forecast period, 2022-2029.

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