Nano Chemistry

Nano chemistry combines naturally of Nano science and chemistry. It works from the atom up and works with the aim of engineering Nano sized materials. They use many methods to formulate and collect number of  small pieces in matter which indicate unique magnetic, electronic, optical, chemical and mechanical actions attributable only to their nanometer size. This science mainly used to approach for the synthetic chemistry and the materials chemistry to acquire nanomaterials with particular sizes, shapes, surface properties, deformities, self-gathering properties, intended to fulfill particular capacities and uses. Nanomaterial’s are made up of all objectives and purposes any material, for example, metals, semiconductors and polymers, both in their nebulous and crystalline structures. Its tactics can be utilized and also made carbon nanomaterials, for example, carbon nanotubes (CNT), graphene and fullerenes which have picked up consideration as of recently because of their mechanical and electrical properties

•    Nanocomposites 
•    Nanolithography
•    Nanoparticle Synthesis
•    Nanomaterials Synthesis